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Transparency In Health Sector.

It is not a secret that private sector health care in India has improved over the last decade.

But the improvement in the core sectors like r&d and procedures which matter to the patient the most has not kept as much apace, as compared to  the superficial improvement in terms of beautiful hospital buildings with plush interiors & food courts, which some times make you think if you are in a hospital or a mall/hotel.

I am not saying that there should not be good clean hospitals

The private sector has done a lot when the number of beds in public hospitals was not adequate to take care of India’s growing population, but over the last few years, the way in which these hospitals have been commercialized is nauseating.

You must have all heard about two very popular hospitals in Gurugram overcharging the patients. The news was in the papers and invoked so much of public anger. 

One seems to wonder why even today there is no transparency in our health care industry. Is it because of the laws which are biased against the consumer or because of the lack of an integrated solution which can audit and correct itself at every step?

A system which takes into account all the stakeholders of the health care sector and not just the consumer.

I have envisioned a solution just like that, where every stakeholder will become more efficient and accountable.

Not an easy task, but with the right team and resources, it can be done.

When we talk about the next big thing, this could be it.


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