Original Content Vs AI Generated Content

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The race to create original articles and content by using Machine Generated AI tools like Copy.ai is on the increase.

It has become possible due to the advances in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial intelligence).

This practice of content generation by the use of artificial intelligence tools however has two aspects.

Novice bloggers look at it as a boon since it removes many hurdles for a content creator who is just starting, like writer’s block.

New bloggers always complain about not knowing where to start, so for them, AI-generated content is an easy way to get started.

However, experienced bloggers who have put their time and effort into creating original content, which has helped many, frown even on the name of mentioning AI-generated content. For them, it is nothing but a fancy way to promote plagiarism.

Some of them even go to the extent of comparing the AI-generated content to Lab-grown diamonds vs natural diamonds. 

Many experts feel one can even distinguish if an article/content was written using AI or was written by a human. In fact here too a different type of artificial intelligence comes into the picture, one which can detect AI-generated content.

Just like one can differentiate a lab-grown diamond from a natural diamond by detecting the nitrogen in it. This AI-powered service from Originality.ai can detect such articles.

Personally, I too feel the value of a diamond lies in the time and pain it takes for the gem to come to life and no lab-grown diamond, can ever replace a gem like Kohinoor!

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The differences between Natural Diamonds and Man Made Diamonds cannot be seen with the naked eye. Natural Diamonds have tiny amounts of nitrogen, while Man Made Diamonds have no nitrogen. 

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