Hi Friends,

My name is Brijyot,

I am 46 years and I live in New Delhi, the bustling capital city of India.

By qualification, I am a pharmacist and so I am a part of our family-owned retail pharmacy business.

At heart, though I am an inquisitor & adventurer. My passion is to know about new and emerging technologies and then to write about the ones, I feel will make a real impact on the lives of people like you and me.

My style of writing is simple. The kind which everyone can understand so that the message I intend to give goes to the maximum number of people.

This blog is where I speak my mind and heart. You may or may not agree with my opinion and are welcome to leave your genuine comments.

I also from time to time write reviews on products or services I feel can help my audience. If you buy from my affiliate link I make a commission. I will appreciate your support.

Be assured that the review I provide is unbiased.