A Project close to my heart

I have been thinking of starting a project which is has been very close to my heart.

I conceptualized this 8 years ago while having coffee at local Cafe Coffee Day and discussed the basics with a dear friend.

He gave his feedback, that it was a brilliant idea but ahead of time and requires a lot of effort and resources.

I admit that the idea was a little ahead of time, but I am surprised that not even after 8 years anyone has thought of it.

Though I wanted to pursue the idea, I could not, because of my fear of failure and also due to lack of financial resources.

When I look back, It was probably the biggest mistake of my life.

We are in times where startups have become a culture, but it is also a fact that most of the new startups in India a just cloning western concepts.

There is no harm in doing that, but there has been very limited progress in developing a startup which will actually help all the people across the society.

What I had envisioned was a business based on values which take care of all the interested parties namely.

  • A benefit to society and consumer.
  • Benefit for the economy in terms of planning.
  • Ease of governance and regulation.
  • Improvement of medical services.

I must admit that there has been an awakening and I have decided to pursue this project even if I fail, even when I am still lacking the resources to fund it, because of my new found motivation. At the age of 43 I have decided to get into, after all, come what may I will at least try to implement the basics and create a minimal viable product which will help me show my vision to the world.

I will need support from my family, friends, critiques to make it happen.

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