New Delhi : a bustling metropolitan city with many cultures

New Delhi the capital city of India is one of the fastest growing metro cities of the country. The city has expanded in population and area many times in the past five decades .

The present unofficial population of New Delhi is around 1.85 crores or 18.5 million people . Delhi is one of the most densely populated areas on this planet.

Economy of  Delhi

The economy of Delhi is dependent mostly on

Delhi has suffered a lot of pollution due to it’s unrestricted growth and unchecked pollution from industrial units, However over a period of last few years these industries have been forced to move out due to strict pollution laws.

Delhi is a city of diverse cultures with as people from almost all castes and religions of India residing in Delhi , it represents the ethos of entire India in a area no bigger than 1485 square kilometers .

Many languages are spoken in Delhi. Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu are some of the most commonly used languages in Delhi.