My experience with learning python

I recently had an idea for developing a data analysis web application and I posted a project on the freelance marketplace to get offers from relevant developers. I wanted the project to be implemented in python as I had heard a lot about the advanced capabilities for this programming language for big data projects.

My experience however for this project was disappointing as I couldn’t find a suitable developer who could develop the MVP for my project. I believed there are two reasons why I couldn’t find a suitable candidate

  1. The number of experienced python programmers is very less compared to the PHP developers.
  2. The experienced developers are charging very high due to rising popularity of this language

Even though I decided to drop the project at that time, it gave me the challenge to learn python as a language. I decided to learn Python there and then.

Let’s be realistic, My goal isn’t to become a python Guru, but I do intend to learn the language up to a point where I can develop some simple programs,  modify existing python code and debug Python programs.

I will be posting my progress and python code at the following URL

Python Coding Examples


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