Setting up an online business with just $30

Online business has evolved a lot in past few years. Along with the evolving technologies , the business models have become more flexible and easier to implement. Gone are the days when you required a dedicated team to start a serious business. Nowadays any one can setup an online business in matter of hours not days or months as was earlier. Competitive pricing and free trials by all e-commerce major companies allows customers to test the waters before taking a dip.

In this article I am going to demonstrate how you can setup an online store in less than 5 minutes . So without wasting time let’s start.

For This you will require following

  1.  Open One Shopify Store  $29   ( Comes With Free Trial )
  2.  Register on For sourcing products  (Free)
  3.  Install an app called Oberlo in your shopify store to import products from

That’s it . In under $30 you will be able to run a professional store and sell products to your customers.

Running a store on Shopify has many advantages which we will discuss in detail in another article , however some of the major advantages are

  • It comes with built in SSL support so you don’t have to bother buying a SSL certificate and installing it
  • Shopify offer major advantages in SEO as compared to other shopping software like Woocommerce
  • It is lightening fast and comes with CDN support .

So now Lets Begin

  1. >>Signup for a new Shopify Store Free << and complete the super simple registration process
  2. Signup at Aliexpress

Once you have completed the above two steps  then

3. Click there to signup for FREE Oberlo account . This app is an addon app for Shopify which allows you to import upto 500    products free from just by a single click of a button on Aliexpress website . Paid Plans are available for importing more products and it is totally worth it.

Don’t forget to go through the oberlo and shopify video tutorials and articles on niche  market research.

Aliexpress has millions of products to choose from in thousands of niches , choose wisely as there are many hidden gems out there.

Happy Selling



New Delhi : a bustling metropolitan city with many cultures

New Delhi the capital city of India is one of the fastest growing metro cities of the country. The city has expanded in population and area many times in the past five decades .

The present unofficial population of New Delhi is around 1.85 crores or 18.5 million people . Delhi is one of the most densely populated areas on this planet.

Economy of  Delhi

The economy of Delhi is dependent mostly on

Delhi has suffered a lot of pollution due to it’s unrestricted growth and unchecked pollution from industrial units, However over a period of last few years these industries have been forced to move out due to strict pollution laws.

Delhi is a city of diverse cultures with as people from almost all castes and religions of India residing in Delhi , it represents the ethos of entire India in a area no bigger than 1485 square kilometers .

Many languages are spoken in Delhi. Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu are some of the most commonly used languages in Delhi.


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